Consonants facilitates the Ruby on Rails, a complete-stack development process, and a plethora of Ruby’s security and assessment that gems to quickly deliver models for deployments and initiative business or enhanced web applications for experienced businesses.


Custom ROR solutions

Consonants stands out at creating custom Rails-based outputs amid the assignment that enjoys limited and in-time interactions and decreasing values. We provide undefended enterprise start up plans and enterprise success executions quicker because of its consistency performance.

Quality analysis auditing and coding

The team of QA analysts engage with the code auditing, reviewing and the maintainability and measurability issues that develops an in-depth into secured environment by reviewing, investigating each gem that are used in the function to manage any dominant issues.

MVP Development

The maintenance policy that furnish the Rails-based least feasible outputs that promises the increased returns on investment funds when compared to the safety and efficiency enabling you to review and certify your business idea into a user podium.

Maintenance and Support

We provide cost efficient & trustworthy deliverable Rails-as per the engagement, backing and maintenance credibility, allowing that the design and process of your apps’ gems stays updated & enabling your resolutions consistent and secured.

Acceleration, Advancement and Appraisal


It is evident that the newly started business is focused towards the digital media in compared to the tangible product and service derivable, Consonants chooses for taking advantage of Ruby on Rails’ deployment and advancement towards the revenue generation in depth of the business to create instant applications at reasonable cost and low risk strategies.

Developed Business

We make use of the Ruby on Rails to create initiated enterprise applications that drive the complicated and strategic business procedures and transactions around the global areas, taking advantage of the Ruby's action that facilitates us to deliver more features quicker with least code and maximum perfection.

Expert-Intelligence on ROR

User applications

We establish the basic strategies into a demanding business idea, managing and engaging ROR based user applications that assists in driving sales and communication of the brand, continuously improvising customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust.

Enterprises Solution App

Consonants make use of ROR to provide an efficient and value able web resolutions that facilitates, assimilated and robotics to your amalgamated business procedures throughout the company.

Entertainment Apps

The team uses ROR stretchable tools in creating measurable entertainment apps with user friendly and gaming interfaces, by utilizing Gosu, G3DRuby and Chingu to provide fast OpenGL accelerated GUI.


Our ROR expertise professionals inculcates classical APIs or 3rd party assimilations, covering social networks, transaction modules, process mapping systems and application tools.

Custom API advancements

Consonants utilizes ROR API to inculcate the execution of custom made APIs on ROR designed assignments and accelerate functional barriers for enterprises that are scalable in nature for a short duration. We make use of the active prototypes to create the deliverables, or Builder’s templates in more complicated situations where assistance and situations are required when providing enriched database solutions.

Third party integrations

Consonants’ ROR org is eligible of assimilating virtually any API onto the solutions and tools that includes classic SOAP. Our finest assimilated resolutions assents independent API calls outwards of the initial ideas, allowing exceptional execution, and reform the web applications with required 3rd party data and thereby providing the on time results that are accepted by the users.


It can be a back-up web solutions or a web related service that is big enough to support the aloft of a indigenous design, our ROR experts provide custom based back ends Rails operations, efficiently analyzing the enterprises requirement to accelerate the market with a greater qualifies product that is much quicker. We make use of the pro-active record for objectified process mapping as to manage software objects that performs data and let the liberation secures the communication with the database choices.

Active Record

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite


  • DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows
  • DB2 on zOS
  • DB2 on i5/OS
  • Informix (IDS)

Mongo Mapper

  • MongoDB



The customer provides a specification that crunches the limit of developer’s choice and decision, Ruby on Rails is advanced for continuous productivity and allowing us to be biased to execution in comparable to the configuration.


The need of quickly measuring towards the crowd of server eco-system, we lift the Rails with Capistrano and Chef, enabling it to easily provide an instant illustrative demonstration within a fraction of time.

Resistance of weight

As per expected weight system, we provide a classic imposing engineer for tiny applications or joined Memcached and MySQL so that your Ruby app can also manage millions of assignments and tools.



Our business analysts discover your requirements and associated challenges


We pick up gems, then ideate and prototype your app’s look and features


We assure that your app meets the standards of contemporary UI/UX practices

Development & QA

Our RoR engineers craft your application incrementally in an agile manner


Once your application is ready, we help you in bringing it to production


Consonants’ has a set of dedicated RoR Team that is well suited for shorter to a longer engagements as per the requirement of enriched Ruby on Rails development knowledge. Our dedicated group services facilitates faster deployment of complicated assignments and providing of repetitive service and support. We have a great knowledge of experts and analysts to timely and easily set up a custom infatuated team to either act as a longevity to your firm or choose to be assimilated with your organization. The benefits inculcated are;

  • Screening and selection of team members
  • Full-Fledged dominance over the team network (involvement / replacement / withdrawal)
  • Working as per the dedicated or business required time zone
  • Instant structured IT infrastructure
  • Agile team enforcement of a SME on an ad hoc basis
  • Adopting process, functions and methods as per needs
years of experience
person-years for largest project
RoR engineers



  • Fat Free CRM
  • Refinery CMS
  • Spree E-Commerce
  • Community Engine


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL
  • MongoDB


  • Capistrano
  • Phusion
  • Passenger
  • Unicorn
  • Resque
  • RVM
  • Memcache


  • Heroku
  • AWS
  • Rackspace

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