Demand Acceleration

It’s evident that all software are varied in nature and we provide you the convenience of assiduously handling the needs right from the beginning.


The business experts and analysts work closely with the customer counselors, extorting and substantiating the needs and demands through communications, counselling, and UI design and prototype reformation. The demand acceleration initiated by our company clings to the following;

Defining Opportunities

  • Examining and Analyzing the business focus, target and aspiration of advanced or refurbished solutions
  • Describing the situations for the project operation.

Analysis and Investigation

  • Deeply analysis the extorted initiatives, business model, end-user, performance and data fulfillment
  • Investigating restraint, business guideline and explication quality aspects.
  • Consolidating the prototypes to facilitate visual models suggestive solutions..


  • Prototyping the demands
  • Testing the demands and essentials
  • Trading, endorsing and authentication of requirements with the stakeholders


  • Determining demands of the stakeholders
  • Extorting the requirements by counseling, conducting workshops, interviews, documentation analysis and many other useful paths.


  • Aligning and categorizing of the requirements through database
  • Confirming each isolated business, end-user behavior, practical and impractical requirements, corrections, feasibility, succinct, computed, apparent and validated.


  • Managing the demand, variants, advancement, status updating and tracking and investigation
  • Demand acceleration, restate and risk investigation and management.


Stipulation of requirements

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Quality Audit Engineer

The completed and co-efficient database and documentation furnished by Consonants facilitate our customer with a stable for the consequent project designing, planning and summarizing. The executed specifications described as absolute as the necessary requirements of the system is functional and behavioral under varied conditions and also under the required system qualities such as efficiency, productivity, performance and security including well executed designs and implementation.

Technological Aspects

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software architect
  • QA engineer

We offer an acceptable, flexible and full-fledged engineered plan to the system’s technical demands while promising the needed system accessibility, efficiency, productivity, measurable, reliable and performance oriented. We systematically study all the actionable demands required to track the issues that are inflexible and non-reasonable to execute. Thus by proposing a much suited underlying technological plan that could be well consumed by the business

UI/UX Mockups

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX expert
  • QA engineer

Exhibiting the requirements that is flexible through the digital user interface design induces in exploiting varied user integration techniques and advancement of system operation. The UI mockups and reciprocal wireframes conveyed by the consonants describing the screen layouts and the exploration format, inclusive of detailed description of screen characters and their features and behavioral patterns under different conditions.

Functioning prototypes

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software architect
  • UI/UX expert
  • Software engineer
  • QA engineer

We design practical models and prototypes to analyze, complete, certify and determine the efficiency and aspect of the extorted essentials. The reformative models are engineered with the help of management tools in output based operating ambience to be later analyzed into absolutely practical outputs through an array of emphasis, while procuring promptly procedures induced early in the project.

Feasible Obligation

We access the scattered business requirement modules and systematically develop them into a full-fledged documented output

Detailed Execution

We take care of the accurate requirements and specifications of the business as exhibited by the customer and carefully converting the software demands into a finest working result

Quick Approach

We manage the essentials of the business in an agile way in order to quickly support the additional deliverables of the potential transportable and functional portions

Gliding Opportunity

Accepting the fact that, the changes takes place through the software requirements that ensure proactive management of continuous of opportunity as the business advances.

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