Autonomous testing and Quality Analysis

Consonants offers an extensive spectrum of individual software Quality Analysis and verification assistance that comply with the maximum security and enterprise requirements. Using our verification centers, immense QA proficiencies and team feasibility, we are able to enhance the attribute of your output while diminishing, marketing time, managerial uncertainty and operating expense.


We inculcate quality and efficiency into your outputs and operational consignment lifespan at any phase of your assignment. Gambling on your requirements, Consonants is eligible of determining current uncertainties through our exhaustive quality analysis and verification packages, and furnishing project deliverance assistance as well as more guide and improvement of your output as per requirements.

Complete cycle testing

We provide a quality auditing and testing compensation with the entire operational existence, inclusive of assimilation testing, relapse testing, black/white box auditing, ecology testing, enforcement testing, and accent testing, and localization testing and user-acquisition testing

Recovery assignment

We have a team that possess expertise at recovering mid-cycle assignments. We also assist in getting stuffs aback and regain a project in peril. Consonants comprise the intelligent policies and skillsets to rapidly determine obstacle areas and coast up your app coding

Backing and enrichment

Consonants is competent of contributing consistent backing and improvement services in a continuing attempt to increase and upgrade your software and make it spurt as evenly as conceivable



Our testing professional promises to condition your desktop applications and tools by catering verification and tool testing assistance that stretches the fully fledged architecture, from frontier UI testing to back end data authorization. By confiding on our focal point and application to factual you to insure that the desktops relishes:

  • Interoperability
  • Hardware congeniality
  • Stability


We furnish testing assistance for a complete spectrum of web operations, in addition to all the cloud based solutions like SaaS, content creation and management systems and so on. Our engineered test functional assists in ensuring that the web application is multi-browser enabled and fulfils the executive competencies of:

  • Usability
  • Functionality
  • Security


: Consonants verifies the accuracy, stability, enforcement, and user exposures of your mobile applications on all podiums and an entire space of equipment beyond varied producers and model aspects. Our mobile operations verification services let you accumulate the following perks:

  • Increased reliability
  • Maximum performance
  • Decreased time to markets


We target on OWASP protocol for the determination of appropriate recognition of routine security uncertainties in your software environment as well as formulation of corresponding compliant enterprises and accurate S-SDLC.

Isolated QA and Testing

Consonants quality audit and testing professional framing character into your output throughout the entire lifespan of your application any procedures you are adopting. We can back your available quality analysis efforts, catering entire turnkey testing assistance and electrifying a program recovery at any stage of software development lifespan.

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