We renovate the complicated application into the simples and lucid form engaging user interface

Design Services

Experienced framework

Interactive Designing
Handling the Operation

Mobile structure

Smartphone and Tablet devices
iOS, Android and Windows Operating System

Web consolidated structure

GUI protocol consents
Interrogative perceptions


Creation of brand logo
Branding and marketing.

Serviceable Auditing

Instructions and material based analysis
Content depot and site mapping analysis

Web Designing

Active, Attractive and Flexible websites
E-commerce, promotional and networking sites.


Accumulating years of experience and exposure in the canal, engaging with an array of business domains and solutions, constant has amplified on essential principles of UI design and execution that facilitate us to completely fuse solution, adoption and responsibility with the element of application. We continuously satisfy the given UI/UX design and aspects of every conveyed solution.

  • Arrangement of business targets and end-user expectations
  • Convenient and comfortable to use
  • Inflation of user endeavor
  • Multi-platform congeniality
  • Efficiency and learning ability
  • Workflow and minimum production rate



Consonant considers wire framing as a primitive approach to decrease the expense and the risk involved in developing complicated integrated systems. We follow a quick systematic approach, collecting all the needed reviews in the initial stage of the process and bringing the needed focus to objectives, illustrations and required functionality with the increased range of constancy

Graphic Mockups

The graphic designers continue the usual process of mocking-up the visual designs to initiate a well-designed interface that cater the business needs. In this phase, the color boards, texturing and topography is made use of to construct customers preferential.

Graphic Mockups
Click-enabled Prototypes

The click-enabled prototypes furnished to the customers allows them to quickly go through the complications and simplest behavioral patterns interacting with the prototype as they would with the output. These prototypes require less time and effort and enables to find opportunities for the improvements, driving adoption, productivity, satisfaction of the end-user and revenue generation and a result leading to business profit

Clickable Prototypes
Proof of Concept

Implies to all the area of system implementation that facilitates User-Interface prototyping, engaging the software engineers for the development of the candid slice of functionality. The designated project team at Consonants create Proof of Concept quickly and with the needed efficiency furnishing the customer with the alpha product of the evaluation and later validating with the stakeholders much before the handling it to the production development team.



We initiate a translucent approach to the user centric design processes that begins from the carefully investigating of all the use cases and customer creative preferential and in-cooperating the testing tasks in the primitive UI modeling stage. In the progressive stage the aim of consonants is to provide a functional interfaces as quick as possible to allow enough space for the conceivable changes and enhancements. You can go through the tools and methodologies that we apply to ensure a perfect, flowing, compatible and appealing experience for the final users.



Prototype Testing

User Interface Testing

  • Functionality Consistency Review
  • Guidelines Compliance Assessment


  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Cross-Device Testing

Usability Testing

  • Accessibility Testing
  • Ease-of-Use and Control Flow Convenience
  • Cognitive Walkthroughs

Acceptence Testing


Consonant have a skillful cross-functional teams working for the benefit of the customers. UI/UX design teams works collaborative to the business analysts, developers, and operational testing teams, product management team, carefully integrating the solutions and output to the border development tasks and processes in order to gain the complete view of the program

Graphic Designer

Polished artistry, proficient theory of design that appeals to the audience in sync with the guidelines and criteria implemented

Information Architect

The one who determines the path for the team to navigate and make use of the contents completely through the concept structuring, informative system designing, navigation and interactive scenario designing

Software designer

: He initiates a workflow based presentation frames to the websites, indigenous and multi-platform mobile solutions and complicated architectural portal systems.

Quality Auditor

Establishes the useable targets that are met to deliver the output producing a connected, predictable and desirable effect on the objectified users

Business process analyst

: He creates a beautiful foundation for the outstanding user experiences through a complete research and investigation, by carefully examining the feedbacks received, analyzing the use cases and the features of the business

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