At consonant, there is a committed and dedicated operational center which is a statutory engagement protocol model designed over the team capacity, escalation, longevity and deploying the correlation.

Driven by dedicated team

You are not fixed on designing a software organization, instead we require technically sound and completely faithful team to cater your needs. Consonants provides a complete, dedicatedly created and pro-actively handled teams for the coverage of full spectrum of the technology-driven demands. We depend on the users to identify the required level of invigilation and inducement, and providing the required transparency to the customer and end-user.

Client-centric efficient teams

A suggestive solution for your target focused ongoing project is depending on a customer-centric team that is experienced, efficient and conveniently carries out even the ad hoc demand in additional resources, refresh technologies or domain-specific organizations. This is driven by a project manager who is tilted towards the customer preferences. Consonants’ dedicated experts will necessarily and conveniently with the lower funding cost, bridge the gaps in the assignment essentials, exhibiting with the exclusive alignment alongside the secured processes and procedures.


Level 1 Planning

  • Studying and analyzing the requirements
  • Outlook and process mapping
  • Creating the job portals and selecting candidates

Level 2 Deploying

  • Setting up the organization
  • Creating Infrastructure, ambience and instruments
  • Procedure and functioning solutions
  • Establishment of interactive environment
  • Kick-starting the project

Level 3 Processing

  • Refining the operational procedures
  • Maintaining the high-end productivity with low cost
  • Calibrating the team scale
  • Learning and sharing of resourceful knowledge


Extended proficiency resource

  • The domain expert solution providers catered as per your needs
  • Constant and significantly monitoring the trend of the business and adoption of the best practices and technological innovations
  • Ascertaining specialization based experts
  • Acquired skillset methodology and subject proficiency

Efficient and fixed resource

  • Individually selected team of expert professionals
  • Effortless conversation, visibility and gaining updates as the project propels
  • Onsite visit initiated if required
  • Thorough learning and understanding of your project.


Technical know-how to Business issues

It is evident that the currently developing software requirements, a dedicated refinement, Quality analysis or tech support team provides the businesses complete authority to change the preferences and bring about advancement to the primitive opportunity. We take the liability to closely watch the team progress against allotted KPIs, to guarantee the most competent team management and valued deliverables.

Expanded product reformation

We inculcated the comprehensive participation by creating a committed team that engages in product development, refining environment for high profile institutions, ISVs and tech-initiatives. The underlining philosophy is to adapt in sync expertise with the exclusive knowledge of technological know-how and domain proficiency well-suited to bring in the successful solutions.


Consonants has been reforming the DevOps at a consignment robotic form from years. At present, we are favorable to the fact of how deep the IT teams with an experienced DevOps reach can drive the businesses and organizations. Ascertaining a DevOps efficient team within Consonants bill create, ship and drive your IT resources with remarkable performance and fertility.

The longest cooperation
The biggest DDC team

Why choose Consonant?

One Stop Solution

A one-stop solution provider of complete spectrum of software development and operational services. We manage the consistent technical proficiency well-needed to take care of the full-fledged consignment of large-scale, varied technology and multi-area assignments.

Resourceful team

Through Consonants, you can initiate by appointing one expert immediately, or collate a full-fledged team within couple of weeks. We have accumulated the energy to effortlessly measure the team high and low as per the project requirements, and engage the SME.

Confinement of knowledge

Successfully developed projects of intellectual product ideas and accumulation, detainment and aligning that assists the Consonants to clear the accumulated project exposure to newbies of the consonant family and also to the clients and end users after the deliverables in complete

Committed working podium

Consonants inculcates the business abilities to assign a differentiated alignment of project resources and a fixed and efficient working ambience or platform with the office premises for a specific team engaged with a specialized fixed client.

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