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We provide expertise solution for an extended period in sync with the changes in trends.


Integrating web solutions and services through an effortless environment incorporated with the business needs.


Designing a beneficial solution and improvising it for the other business and infrastructural requirements.


Consonants team is designed to carry out portal fixtures of varied standards, outlook and convolution in any complicated situations as we always encourage to provide a compelling exposure to the clients, customers and all the employees involved.

Web Portals

In Consonants, there is no conciliation in the execution and efficiency in all the areas for the potential growth. It has all the necessary finesse to ascertain a valuable and reliable solution that aim to win and serve the business.

Enterprise Portals

We undertake the primitive and superficial area of deployment with ease with our expert enterprise solutions by guaranteeing the complete engagement. We study the requirements with the utmost details to provide the administration functionality in a smooth pattern.


Committing to a prudent multi-channel user episode stands in need of dexterity in many areas of expertise. It starts by targeting on the accuracy, productivity, social networking, mobility and optimized workflow features in accordance with the particular tools or devices. Consonants provides a dominant portal experience that is well enhanced for cross-device experience, continuity and flexibility for change.



The complete features of the portal are assembled from the different technological genre of customer, employees, and clients, it is designed to enhance the user involvement. The features include superlative content management, automation, transferable capacities, and administration.

Data Management

  • Multisite support
  • Proficiency management
  • Document management
  • Proficiency search

Social Media

  • User profiles
  • Media galleries
  • Exercise and activities
  • Feedback and Survey

Data Collusion

  • Steady Work-flow
  • Forums and blogs
  • Collusion tools
  • Collusion arena


  • E-learning
  • Data inputs
  • Invoicing and collections
  • Self-service apps and forms


  • CMS and back office
  • Authentication and security
  • Role based allocation and delivery
  • Performance review


  • Data gathering
  • Analytical dashboards
  • Business intellectual
  • Access statistics

Ecommerce Platforms

At Consonants, we take care of the increasing interest for an enhanced journey of business, progressive back-end facilities, modernized contract layouts that enable an effortless start of the vendor operations online and reach the web market. We ensure that the business goes according to the market trends for years to come.

Self-Service Portals

For utility and public service companies we offer development of digital engagement solutions designed to improve self-service rates, reduce the overall cost to serve customers and introduce new products and services enabled by digital technologies.

Partner Networks

Our technological solutions for business partner and supply networks span extensive functionality scope, including facilitated supplier discovery and interaction, streamlined purchase order and invoice collaboration, and complete visibility into expenses and transactions.

Knowledge Portals

Discover how Consonants’s expertise in eLearning, video streaming and collaboration technologies combines to deliver ahead-of-the-curve knowledge sharing and management solutions designed to facilitate creation, distribution, retention, and reuse of knowledge inside your organization and beyond.

Media & Entertainment

Consonants serves companies operating in the digital editing and distribution domain, offering leading-edge technological solutions to support new ways of digital traffic monetization, engagement of fragmented viewers and management of exponentially growing digital assets.

Corporate Collaboration

Collaboration is the backbone of both internal and customer-centric activities. Be it document-centric collaboration or collaboration-driven work management, Consonants delivers the full cycle of enterprise-level portal development services to meet your specific collaboration-centered needs.

Social Networks

From niche social networking platforms built on previously untapped use cases to enterprise social networks, community portals, social CRM and social commerce solutions, Consonants provides full-grown project teams to tackle first-rate solution delivery.

Vertical Portals

A versatile, long-standing portal development experience enables Consonants to undertake delivery of a wide range of solutions spanning the whole value chain for specific industry verticals like real estate, healthcare, oil & gas, finance & banking, telecom, energy & utilities services, and more.



Competency of Integration

It is possible to connect the portals into many data platforms and applications that include fulfillment of Enterprise Service Bus and synthesizing mediator services, data management, transactional models and social networking applications.

Performance Calibration

It is evident that the IT process keeps evolving into greater benefits of the system thus the design should be flexible to mend with the progressive changes. Thus, we observe and track the changes of market trends, risks, increasing the design capability for the change and enhancing end user platforms.

Business Longevity

We maintain an easy going approach towards the solution and keep an eye on the output to quality the criteria such as automation, innovation, reliable solutions, exclusive and efficient models, cost efficiency and flawless operating for a long run of the business.

Safety and Security

Security has always been the first priority for the Consonants, we cover all the areas of the project like the portal security, safeguarding data management, data encryption, introducing data signature, auditing, transaction security and authentic certifications.

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