Our ideology is to stand as a support pillar and assist the companies to achieve their revenue target with the impeccable blend of online visibility, mobile transcend and refined support management.


We have idealized and progressed our functions considering the technical expertise through years of collaborative research and knowledge of web development which all added to a professional and experienced vendor solution team that takes up immense challenging e-commerce assignments. The areas that we target are retailers, travel and living, financial entities, gaming forums and other professional business.

Online Stores

Online Stores: We assist in developing the web stores, shipping insights and coupon applications for various products and services that include consumer durables goods, digital appliances, food services, merchandises and other customer oriented services.

B2C Marketplaces

We design and executes a seller forum with the refined online market trends and features that include the expert tools, product management facilitation, varied transactional procedures, order management portals, secure payment options and all the other facilities that are readily required.

B2B Trading Networks

At Consonants, we believe in bringing the business to the consumer through the online forum with the help of productive interaction between the traders, business, and the consumers. The trading collaborative consists of the retailers, wholesalers, service providers, subsidiaries and many others through stable and reliable technological tools and application.

Online Auctions

The expert team in Consonants assists in resolving the utmost complicated and challenging project that involves online auctions which include execution of bidding applications, supporting multi-auction process, the configuration of the full-fledged model, communications, outputs through audio visuals and administration support.

Online Procurement

We at Consonants helps in designing applications and operations for online procurement that is critical in every stages advancement such as acquisition procedures, quoting, auctioning, online transactional systems and administration management.

Online Booking / Ticketing Platforms

We are capable of building an online ticketing platform that provides system secure transactions, accommodate heavy workflows, progressive functionality, easy collaboration and effective communication with the correspondent parties.


Consonants establish a dominant online solution that constitutes completely developed features or definitely required objectives that are included to form a complete ecommerce platform. With the skillful experience in designing, developing and administering a collective business, we promise to provide the extensive support in the e-commerce sector of your business.



Consonants help the business by connecting it into the social media marketing forum and take the utmost benefit of the features in order to increase the online traffic, buying-selling opportunities, revenue generations and social networking platform for better communication and interaction. The functional areas of social media marketing includes:

  • Buying-Selling Widgets
  • Crowdsourcing Activities
  • Discount Vouchers and Coupon Codes
  • Audio Visual Discussion Forums
  • Trending Areas
  • Loyalty Points Monitoring


Consonants assists in developing a complete effective mobile e-commerce platform or reform the existing platform in order to meet the requirement and enhance the chance of successfully achieving the focused target. We design a superior selling-buying experience that introduces you to a different genre of your business that is making its way to prosperity.

Areas of Assurance:
  • Congeniality towards various platforms
  • High functional UI/UX Designs
  • Easy going collaboration with the e-commerce websites and online stores
  • 3rd party integrated support
  • Focusing on Regional E-commerce
  • Advancement of Mobile Transaction Procedures
  • Content Development
  • Enhancing Selling-Buying Platforms
give preference to the e-commerce brands as suggested in the social media
are loyal customer opting for a definite e-store for buying and selling if there is consistency in the customer service and quality
readily provide the personal information in order to receive more benefits and offers


Our team pays priority to the interactive, communicative and advance functional solutions that could be furnished to the customer with a rapid development approach, easy access to the market, and detailed scrutiny of the project with the ideology of one specific superlative solution for all the trending web stores or reforming the existing solutions as per the market trends and benefits.

Progressive Notifications

We exhibit a trending solution updates, feature upgrades and enhancement of designs without adhering the online business and also carefully auditing the business complex applications, in turn providing all the needed assistance for the customers in every line of business.

Enhancing Capabilities

The software technicians provide all the needed support for the increasing online traffic, user registrations, database management and workflow volumes at the designing stage. We also focus on the varied application based solutions to ensure easy going platform for expansion from all the developmental areas of application.

All Round Security Development

We provide the full-fledged and superlative security solutions that constitute of software securities, certification and authentications, data security and safety, confidentiality of the credit card information, risk investigation and fraudulent checks during the development process.

Integrated Services

Consonants provide a fast processed synthesized services that connect the web solutions to the content management systems, transactional procedures and payment paths, best practices, enterprise development solutions, techno trends, tax determination, delivery and logistic services, social networking platforms, software analysis and all the other satisfactory e-commerce management.


Consonants assist in channelizing the inconsistency amid the online stores and digital marketing by creating an exclusive bond supporting the business synopsis in context to the multichannel system channels. We facilitate the modification digitally by keeping the customer visibility across the transactional and buying platforms, order management, logistics, inventory solutions, delivery channels, and services. We promise an easy going involvement around online and offline platforms on both mobile and social media devices.


  • Search (incl. in-site)
  • Product details
  • Product comparison
  • Inventory look-up
  • Store locator
  • FAQ


  • Apps/Mobile web
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Location-aware functionality
  • Product availability


  • Interactive digital display
  • Internal sales tools
  • Kiosk
  • POS

Call center

  • Customer support
  • Service center


  • Profile-based in-person service
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty programs

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