Exceptional Software development and administration for clients from media, producers, marketing and distributors.

Consonants introduced you to the experts leading the industries in the area of deployment and progression of customized visual presentation and audio graphic solutions alongside media content management executing devastating multi-channel OTT and IPTV participation.


Content Broadcasters

  • Smart TV & Connected TV Applications
  • Digital Video Recorder via Cloud
  • Second Screen Solutions

Service Assistants

  • Online Network Video Platforms
  • Multiscreen Content Delivery
  • Live Streaming Events

Business Enterprises Solutions

  • Enterprise Broadcasting
  • E-Learning, Webinars, Blogs
  • Video Communication Platforms


Multiscreen Streaming

Exclusive ideas of technologies in coding, flexible bits and standard of streaming facilitates the Consonants to design solutions intrinsically enhanced for varied devices and bandwidth. We strictly engage ourselves in executing advanced content streaming structures that assure stability of the content across wide area networking that includes web portals, smartphones, Television, gaming consoles and all the other IP connected devices or OS ensuring it to be cost-efficiency and complex infrastructural arrangements.

  • Video on Demand Administration
  • Live Streaming
  • Internet Protocol Camera Streaming
  • Steady Content Distribution

Media Content Management

Ensuing a larger efficiency and utilization of effective support system, consonants structures customized media equity management solutions and services unified precisely with our available employee Management system, customer management system, and content management system or any other subordinate technology at the level of application interface. We focus on the functionality of

  • Encoding and absorbing the multi-video formatting
  • Secured VOD storage
  • Metadata and progressive content tagging(OCR, Speech to Text)
  • Content Management, Publishing, Coalition and Administration

Media Applications and Portals

At Consonants, we take care of end to end management and technological solutions required for your business so that you can lead the streaming and start fabricating it. We will convert your ideas into a fascinating application or a loaded media portal with appealing and exquisite digital experience and superlative functionality.

  • Invoicing and billing tools for a designated payable option
  • Digital rights management and licensed content security
  • Media analytics group
  • Customer centric and subscriber management functions


Multi-channel User

Consonants focus on the advancement in all customer centric aspects by enabling the companies to enjoy benefit from expansion of video and audio related experience in many areas of end user activities that includes secondary screens, social media interactions, global positioning system and tracking, networking features and all the other related areas.


The accelerating, enforcement and hardware cost efficiency planning initiated the consonants software engineers to continuously upgrade the trending web optimization technologies and techniques that includes server-side, web assets and underlying protocol transmission and optimization.

Consent & Finest

We accept the trending and progressive industry norms as soon as they make their presence in the market and also simultaneously monitor for the developed ones. We support Microsoft adaptive bitrate streaming formats, MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, VP8 and VP9 video codecs initiative and more.

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