Consonants authorizes the superlative learning management systems and the mobile learning application and solutions that are designed and customized for the eLearning and eTraining facilities for all the knowledge seekers and business developers.


eLearning Service Providers

We assist in end to end services for email service providers along with the complete cycle of software development that includes product refinement, reformation of integration, Quality audit analysis, support and administration or dispatch.

Corporate Training Divisions

We have a set of skillful team of experts who are engaged and entertaining the online learning forum and corporate training that is engineered to benefit the business needs.

Educational Institutions

Consonants is a one stop solution for customized online learning and software applications for educational institutions. We facilitate a broad range of solutions and services incorporating the virtual classroom, online knowledge and academy learning, admissions, assignments, reporting and scheduling.

Educational Content Developers

The substantial expertise in the online platform is made use to provide a preferential security solutions for content publication, conservation, exploration and arrangement that enables you to establish additional revenue systems through varied transmission channel.


At consonant, we endeavor our customers the turnkey solutions that establish continued acquisition of knowledge and efficient skillset confinement with feasible results. We approach to the distinct business needs by development of varied and innovative e-learning apps that is fortified with captivating learning and attractive management features.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Portals

mLearning Solutions

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Wikis and Collaboration Tools


Commitment& Assurance

  • Enormous online communication competency that includes course chatrooms and installed communication system
  • Assisting in the different presentation models for educational supplies that includes finest media illustrations, animations, graphics and audio-video streaming.
  • Social network facilities that assists the users, tutors, learners and managers to gain the social connection and interactive communication between each other.
  • Including entertaining factor to increase the learners

Data Management Analytics

  • Subjective reporting of the performance, advancement, and conclusion of e-Learning courses, enterprise and programs.
  • Designated and custom made control panel for managers, educator, students and more
  • Unified instruments for analyzing learners achievements amid courses, individuals and output
  • Data management and visual analysis instruments to acquire prosecutable information from learner

Content Management

  • Inherent contents based on learning modules that include rich multimedia information
  • Advanced organizing features for program planning, content transmission and management
  • Capacity to structure and renovate course by contributing and distributing them to the specified groups
  • Synthesizing the external contents, activities and assistance to design learning materials and modules

Custom Testware

  • Customized dashboards that assists test designing and management
  • Progressive options for queries, illustrative instances ad grading
  • Quick feedback options available for course admins, coach and learners
  • Flexible scoring systems established relating to the enquiry, feedback, grouping and structuring


  • Complete learning management system and functions derived from different platforms and factors
  • Similar view, ambience, navigating tools to contribute consistency no matter however the learners approach to the course
  • On time availability of information, knowledge and materials that provides invaluable performance backup and increases the learner
  • Caching and synchronizing competencies that empower educational components to be conserved if the association is vanished, and assignments to be submitted as per the availability


  • SCROM conformant software plays a valuable role with the subordinate learning and management systems
  • AICC packing enables to accumulate content on an isolated server and support secure information transfers via HTTPS
  • Collating data of the wide range of learners online and offline can be experienced through Tin Can/Experience API (xAPi).


Enveloping the superlative learning management systems and the expertise team assists us to furnish custom-made web solutions and learning such as e-learning, e-library, virtual knowledge platforms all integrated on a designed or an existing application with the 3rd party solutions. Considering your needs and requirement, Consonants can illustrate your ideas into a perfect SCROM flexible learning system.

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