Customizing the content management solutions and portfolios in order to fulfill the business needs of a full-fledged superlative content application program in accordance with the technology.

Pre-Designed Templates

We provide a robotic approach towards the expertise designed templates for content management solutions.

Reporting and Data Management

Consolidating all the necessary instruments under an easy to use application that is secured.

Plugins Development

The worn out and ineffective portal designs and infrastructures are introduced to a progressive life for re-structuring it for efficiency.





Long-lived track record of delivering baseline and advanced CMS functionality:

Content Creation

  • Content developer role and responsibilities
  • Synergetic content creation
  • Content exchanging tools
  • Multi Language usage support
  • Superlative content design reforming

Digital Marketing

  • Analysis of Market based contents
  • Customer initiated content
  • End-User perspective
  • Analysis and Comprehension


  • Varied formats for transmissions
  • Geographical support site
  • Multi-channel transmission
  • Mobility in transmission
  • Social networking communication
  • Involvement of E-commerce

Content Repositories

  • Indexing and Metadata Management
  • Version Control
  • Authorization and Authentication
  • Definitions and interpretations
  • Advanced search
  • Link Management

Assignment and Association

  • Designated designers for projects
  • Data review and consideration
  • Directing and Documenting
  • Email communication
  • Social networking competency


Fulfilling the Requirements

Consonants carefully studies the detailed information provided by the customer and ensure that the outputs and solutions accurately satisfy all the customer needs and demands. We promise to conveniently manage the content, infrastructures, customer interactions and streamlining the business operations. The portals strengthen the content driven exposure across all the areas that the customer are willing to reach through all the online medium and also that is important for your business health.

Efficiency in Operation and Integration

An integrated access and thorough proficiency in application of integration that is backed up with a strong record of the erected custom connections, peripherals, wet portal services which helps the consonants in streamlining the Content management solution towards the customer’s service application instruments, Field of specialization, data management and storages that are valued.

Complete Project Distribution

Consonants manages the end to end management services that includes reviewing of the assignment and technical aspects as per the requirement, project management, user interface module, customized developmental plan, end user testing, Quality audit review, and knowledge exchange. We also offer superlative maintenance and engagement to ensure that you are involved in your project round the clock.

Sophisticated business subscriptions

Consonants have a vast experience engaging with varied fields of healthcare, retail, public sectors, media, entertainment, and education. Thus, we analyze the solutions as required for the specific field of interaction. We consider the proficient and progressive options that have proved its efficiency and thereby delivering the superlative content for the same.

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