We have an expert team and robust application and tools to accommodate colossal data’s that are much required for the customer’s business structuring and functioning.

We facilitate the company’s business environment though it revolves around its enormous data in order to bring out the vital business structure from these data that are variable in nature and origin such as:

Enterprise Data

We accommodate the unmanaged and bulk data of business that are made available from the customer centric and enterprise resource planning as required by the business for its strategic planning.

Sensory Output Data

These data are collected from the equipment and smart devices used in the business which is required to control, co-ordinate and troubleshoot the business mechanisms.

Instrumental Data

The data that are generated by the tools regarding the transactions, click-stream, logging files, productivity and other business related files that are machine generated.

Social Data

The data collected through any social media or online platform such as customer info, buying behavior, location based services and everything else that has a complete customer view.


Our supremacy lies on managing the big data and business solutions with ease through our long-established ability in executing skillful technologies, procedures, strategies and applications throughout the data cycle. While arranging a project team we give priority only to the expert professionals well versed in order to cater the project needs and requirements.

Project Analysts

We engage with the big data of the business thoroughly in order to establish a standard procedure and solutions that would enable us to understand the business targets and the simplified way to reach them.

Big Data Architects & Engineers

We are expert data controllers who analyze and manage the business intellectual patterns for an imaginable strategic effect on the business collating all the data authenticity and analysis.

Data Scientists

Directed within the divisional and operational teams and application development sectors, we engaged in the activities of integrating performance and analysis of end to end management.

Database Administrators

Consonants are well-versed in designing a data depot that is subtle, stable and agile on the administration set up enhancing a database environment that is efficient, effective, comfortable and safe.


Consonants structures the business based on the priority areas that are necessary to persistently convert the data into operation. We promise to provide complete business intellectual solutions and services through the data consolidation and by penetrating into problem-solving decision.

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

Business Intellectual Computation

A systematic calibration of all the business requirements, technological scope and induction of data analysis.

  • Analysis of customer’s technological status
  • Assessment of business functional requirements
  • Computation of Business specifications, administration and security status
  • Execution of approachable program.

Data Analysis & Integration

Grand extracting, transforming and loading mechanisms are designed for quality transmission of systemized data.

  • Collating data from different sources (applications, XML, mainframe, flat files, social media, Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, machine data, etc.)
  • Customized clamp and adapters to collate the data format.
  • Streamlining the data that has been collected from unstructured, corrosive and large batches.
  • Data monitoring, structuring, filing and restoring.
Data Integration
Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Engineering a superlative quality into a business intellectually designed data warehouse

  • Data designing, structuring and engineering
  • Database quality management
  • Management of composite data
  • Analysis of business enterprise, search and solution
  • Data transmission assistance
  • Database conservation and development

Thrust Analytics

Implementing superlative strategical technology at production area for successful business

  • Streamlining data analysis procedures
  • Conjecturing analysis
  • Advanced search of Data
  • Solution based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • Usage of OLAP cubes for enormous data analytics situation
  • Calculation and execution of configuration tools
Core Analytics
Data Presentation

Data Demonstration

Presentation of the data from composite planning to actionable intuition with accuracy, attention and grandeur

  • Problem solving strategies that are transmitted through web portals, mobile applications and API
  • Illustrative exposures and confined user access and approach to particular data type and attention to details.
  • Convenient report engineering and data transmission tool


IoT Data

Systematic maintenance and enhanced logic solutions for smart home appliances, linked hospitals and transportation handling areas.

Customer Analytics

Assisting the companies in stabilizing a refined customer service experience with engineered marketing and sales analytics system that includes heavy load instrumental devices.


Helping the operational team in designing a superlative data structure into the business module that is segregated throughout different systems and data depot.


We are constantly improvising and progressing to accept the enhanced tools and structure evolving on the technological environment, focusing on the cloud computing and mobile application business intelligence.

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