In Consonants, we aim at providing full security and protection of property diligently. We are resolutely devoted towards the security of the business course of action and development thoroughly in respect to the customer’s subjective business equity. Considering this as the major factor, we have traditionalized a stipulated corporative approach which every team member must adhere in order to secure the accounts, data’s and equity procedures. This procedure also includes both internal and external policies that the team members are bound to follow.


We are cognizant of the business market and economic worth of the product and the equity that recklessly confides with the behavior of the intellectual property rights. Having the presence felt, we exploit all the areas to find the fair idea and best practice that would legally and substantially secure the genuine importance of the business.

Non-Disclosure Information

In Consonants, we follow a strict policy towards the non-disclosure of the confidential information and for which we even sign an agreement to ensure that information is not leaked out and we are liable for any consequences pertaining to the same. This policy is valid for the employees of the company to acknowledge and sign the agreement in order to abide all the consonants security measures.

Shared Environment

We at Consonants, manage our applications and process in a distributed environment for the benefit of the customer to avoid splitting up the individual customer information into each set of tools. Thus, we distribute the data under a shared medium that incorporates the many compatible systems that are positioned globally in different knowledge centers.

Ownership Transmission

We support and believe your prospects of having complete ownership of your business and inventive equity which is essential for your business to be functioning as per your guidelines. Thus, we ensure to place a non-disclosure and ownership agreement that everyone from consonants, stakeholders and customer have to acknowledge legally after completion that legally forgoes all the rights to the actual owner.

Data Extermination

After the completion of the project and the full ownership transfer, the data is automated toward the destruction process that eliminates all the information confidential or non-confidential that are related to the customer. The data is objectively erased by an approved and authenticated IT program and the design are sent to the inventory for re-application if necessary.


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