Consonants follow a performance oriented methodology that is flexible, mutually defined, reliable and cognizant about the business norms with admirable services guaranteed that are quality defined and value for money.


We believe in upgrading our approach and methodologies as per the IT development and business innovations in order to meet the expectations set by the customer. We have been diligently designing our solutions that would stand strong and reliable in accordance with the market changes, industrial practices, and business modernizations.


  • Embracing the Agile system, one can ensure that the superior and foremost priority will be the customer.
  • The review method used will evaluate the solutions and maintains the high visibility for changes to be adapted.
  • The flexibility and interaction between the teams promote quick resolutions as and when required.
  • Pre-evaluated designs and solutions are simple and soluble that gives quality assurance and established features.
  • Transformative structures assist the teams in resolving the technical and constructive issues of the business module.


Defined Infrastructure

  • Integrated code base
  • Specified CI server
  • Timely automated builds

Mutual community

  • Online project management tools
  • Social media interactions, Wiki and blogs
  • Shared mail list and folder

Elevated module of communication

  • Sprint planning
  • Sprint review
  • Daily standups
  • Retrospectives

Integrated alignment

  • Technology alignments
  • Tool alignments
  • Implementing finest method



This involves all the members distributed in different segments across varied locations.

Distributed Scrum
of Scrums

Multi-functional Scrum teams that are placed in different segments and locations that can meet in a fixed place for interaction.

Totally Integrated

Teams are scattered in different locations.


Strong Process & Project management

Consonants are run by an efficient team that possesses strong knowledge and expertise promising to serve all the business needs. It also services and manages the project undertaken by keeping the visibility high providing the clients with the relentless solutions for business.

Detailed Requirements Analysis

The team does a thorough study on all the requirements of the clients and their business to in order to deliver the expected results. We ensure to accommodate all the demands well suited for the business to craft the solutions that are reliable and holistic.

First & Best Class Quality

At Consonants we credit the advancement of the solutions if it clears the quality testing of the solution, the developments and designing are carried with the finest and expertise techniques adhering to all the quality quotient that is required for a business to run without much hassle.

Knowledge to Build on

The immense experience gained by our production team formulates the designing of the software solutions and e-commerce platforms that are superior in character, enhances best practice, design favorable tools, initiate reformation and gain exposure. The knowledge factor always influences the structural module of the business practice.

Prototype Mockups

At consonants do not compromise on the performance, cost efficiency and the growth calibration of the customer business as that is the priority area. Thus we follow a pre-determined specification that satisfied all the requirements of the customer with our skillset and experience that also guarantees a reliable solution to win, serve, reform and stabilize the business.

Transparent Communication

The business should be interactive, visible and provide the needed clarification to the customer. At consonant, we abide by it by providing the channel through direct and online communication with the functionality of interaction, sharing the ideas, formulating the plan, reforming the solution and keeping the transparency to as much as the business requires.

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