We promise a complete commitment and engagement that enhances the business obligations that enables the clients to make use of the superlative knowledge, expertise, cost execution and reduction of risk in the business.

The Consonants team is proficient enough to please the client’s requirements and fulfilling the demands of high compliance by revising the engagement standards.

Project-based Engagement

We at consonants prescribe the clients who are into steering projects to follow the project inspired engagement practice that consists of precise requirements and results. Opting for this engagement, you will be privileged to be administered by a complete professional team.

Dedicated Development Team

We have a dedicated and professional team of team supervisors, project management team, technical support associates and other administration teams for all your services and end to end management.

SLA-based Approach

Along with the quality of work and dedication, we also promise to provide the finished output and the services within the given SLA period. We ensure to take the complete authority of the task till the expected output is achieved.

A progressive growth is possible with the attempt of framing a feasible and stable relationships.In order to take the administration to the next level for a coherent valuable partnership between the client and consonants within the desired fund.Consonants believe in flexible pricing model...

Fixed Price

The business affair with Consonant is reliable because of the fixed price system where all the specifications of the project are explained in detail and the project quotation is designed considering the funds and execution as the primary factors. The price defers based on the applications, intensity, man powering and value.

Evolving with Time and Material

It is evident that the market changes with the innovation and evolution in the IT and business environment. We provide the needed flexibility in our services and designs to ensure that the project is reformed with the change in the market trends. The quotation depends on the evolution method, man powering and intensity in the projects.

Milestone Billing

This specific billing design is endorsed by the people who engage in a long-term partnership with us. A fixed quotation is designed for a fixed period which can be changed with the evolution of the business. The client can either pay a complete sum or as per the pre-defined time. This method is easier and reduces the risk to the max.

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